Chief's Fire Prevention and Safety Message:

Summer has arrived, and with that comes BBQ season. Please remember the following safety tips when using your barbeque (with thanks to our friends at the Ontario Association of Fire Chiefs:

  • When using a match, always light it before turning on the gas to prevent excessive gas build-up. If the barbeque is equipped with an electronic igniter, follow the directions on the control panel.
  • Prevent grease from dripping onto the hoses or cylinder. Grease build-up is a fire hazard.
  • Never store extra propane cylinders under or near your barbeque. Excess heat may overpressure the cylinder and cause it to release propane from the cylinder relief valve.
  • Make sure children stay away from the barbeque.
  • Never use a barbeque indoors; doing so causes a build-up of poisonous carbon monoxide gas.
  • After BBQ-ing, make sure the BBQ is turned off and the burner flames are out. Also make sure the gas supply is turned off and the lid is closed.

Saturday morning is usually a good time to drop by the Stratford Emergency Services Center and check out our station. If the doors are up and trucks in the bay, it should be a good time to drop by and say hello. And better still, if you’re interested in joining our team, please ask all the questions you can think of!