Safety and Well-being

Ladder 3 Platform Nozzle
The nozzle has been closed and will be removed from an open by default position due to the safety concerns based on its location. There have been incidents with other fire departments with the platform/waterway valve accidentally being opened, while pointed downward, resulting in injuries to firefighters walking below the platform overhang.Please ensure the nozzle remains open when retracting the ladder, and is then returned to closed position once all water is drained from the waterway.SOG Development
Work on our SOGs (Safe Operating Guidelines) continues with our consultant Mark Van der Feyst after the SOG working group and some officers spent the day with Mark June 27th. We expect to have a draft for review in September, and to invite Mark back to CRFD in October for training on our new SOGs.Apparatus Floor Lighting
Per a Health and Safety Committee Mandate, please remember to leave the lighting on in the middle bay and under the mezzanine to reduce trip and fall hazards with members responding to calls in the middle of the night.

Equipment and Apparatus

Ladder 3
With the exception of parts and repair still outstanding for the platform supplied air system, all known issues have been resolved.Gas Detectors
Our new MSA ALTAIR 4XR multi-gas detectors have arrived, and some basic training has been provided to members Tuesday, August 8. More resources and instructional videos will be shared, along with formal manufacturer’s training later in the year. Initial impressions are that the units and bump test station are very easy to use.To protect the units and bump test station from contaminants in truck compartments, the bump station has been placed in the Comm’s office, and two Pelican cases were purchased to store and transport the units.Current direction is for first arriving members to bump test the gas detectors prior to use, place them in the Pelican case, then bring to Truck 1.

Per manufacturer specifications (MSA), a bump test must completed every 24 hours. This translates to CRFD needing to bump test before every call (possible exceptions being multiple CO calls in one day).

As SOG work continues, operations are likely to adapt such that gas detectors are present for multiple call types (ie: medical). In the meantime, if there is any doubt they’re needed, and time permits, please bump test and bring the detectors with you.

VHF Radio Decommissioning
The older VHF radios have been removed from service, and digital PICS radios have been moved around to ensure there are enough radios on each truck. It has not been determined yet if the older VHF radios will be returned to service.

FF Wright has been working with North River Fire to trial the Zello app (broadcasts radio traffic via smartphone app) to help arriving members have better awareness of the incident being responded to.


Formal training is completed until September. Some informal training may still happen on Tuesday nights, so please let your officer or a member of the training committee know if there are any specific topics you’d like to cover some Tuesday.

Upcoming training to include Pump Operator and Elevator Rescue; stay tuned for more information.


Apparatus Deployment
While Truck 1 remains primary Engine, and Truck 5 primary Tanker, there may be some incidents that warrant changes in deployment by the Incident Commander. If you are in doubt, follow up with the IC to confirm.This is also an area we plan to provide greater clarity on in our SOGs. Mark Van der Feyst has also provided some suggestions on apparatus deployment. More to come on this topic as SOG development continues. A dedicated Tuesday night will be used in the months ahead to discuss potential changes.Incident Reporting
A paper incident reporting form has been created for use by the IC on calls to document the scene, our response and resources on scene. This is intended to be completed by the member that is the initial IC and the officer that command is transferred to.


Combination padlocks have been installed on the dumpsters outside CRFD. The code is 8893, which is also posted on the whiteboard in the hall.

Membership and Recruiting

CRFD Chief and Deputy Chief positions have been posted internally. See the postings page for job descriptions and more information.
Community Activities, Social Events and Fundraising
Red Knights Motorcycle Club Memorial Ride
The motorcycle club has requested fire department escort and traffic control along with use of our facilities to host a BBQ September 10th. Stay tuned for more information if you’re interested and available to assist.PEI Firefighters Curling Association Annual Golf Tournament
Registration is open for members to participate in the golf tournament September 30th. Sign up sheet is on the bulletin board outside Billy’s office. Please write your full name as clearly as possible when signing up.