Safety and Well-being

SOG Development
Work on our SOGs (Safe Operating Guidelines) continues with our consultant Mark Van der Feyst after the SOG working group and some officers spent the day with Mark June 27th. We expect to have a draft for review in September, and to invite Mark back to CRFD in October for training on our new SOGs.Apparatus Floor Lighting
Per a Health and Safety Committee Mandate, please remember to leave the lighting on in the middle bay and under the mezzanine to reduce trip and fall hazards with members responding to calls in the middle of the night.

Equipment and Apparatus

Ladder 3
Repairs, and annual service testing to Ladder 3’s aerial device have been completed. Some additional parts and work is needed on the supplied air system, and troubleshooting and diagnosis for an intermittent issue with the air brake alarm and batteries is underway.Gas Detectors
Our new MSA ALTAIR 4XR multi-gas detectors have arrived, we are awaiting shipment of the automated bump test station, which is expected later this month. In the meantime, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the functionality of these units. After review of several types of gas detectors, these MSA units were selected, as they are commonly used by HazMat resources on PEI, and found to be a great blend of cost, durability, and most importantly, usability.

Thermal Imaging Camera
As a part of the Provincial funding grant, we are requesting at least one Thermal Imaging camera, depending on cost and functionality of the units. We have a demo Bullard QXT sitting beside the boat at the FD. Please view Bullard’s website for details on this, and other models.

Mostly importantly: we want you, the members using these tools, to provide input or suggestions on other models to be considered.


Formal training is completed until September. Some informal training may still happen on Tuesday nights, so please let your officer or a member of the training committee know if there are any specific topics you’d like to cover some Tuesday.


Apparatus Deployment
While Truck 1 remains primary Engine, and Truck 5 primary Tanker, there may be some incidents that warrant changes in deployment by the Incident Commander. If you are in doubt, follow up with the IC to confirm.This is also an area we plan to provide greater clarity on in our SOGs. Mark Van der Feyst has also provided some suggestions on apparatus deployment. More to come on this topic as SOG development continues.


Combination padlocks have been installed on the dumpsters outside CRFD. The code is 8893, which is also posted on the whiteboard in the hall.

Membership and Recruiting

Once again, we would like to welcome Sajith Manuel and Aiden Drake to CRFD! Please take some time to introduce yourself and welcome them if you haven’t had a chance yet.

Additionally, a new recruit onboard program is being piloted. This group is led by Lt. Guertin, and includes Firefighers Dodds, Wright and Ackerson. We welcome your feedback and input on the process, so please share it with Lt. Guertin or one of your officers.

Community Activities, Social Events and Fundraising
Camp Gencheff Car Wash
Staff have approached CRFD about their annual fundraiser car wash. FF Newcombe has volunteered to organize and coordinate resources. Please watch for IAR messages and help out where you can. This is always a fun event and a great way to be involved with the communities we serve!Vernon River FD 60th Anniversary
VFRD will be celebrating their 60th anniversary August 5th, and have invited CRFD. We will send Ladder 3 and a crew out to the celebration. Please contact Lt. Guertin if you are interested in attending.